Today’s Headlines

By Carrie Zukoski | September 15, 2017

  • Motorist Decides to Plow Through Stockley Protesters in Kirkwood Last Night (KMOV)
  • … And No, It’s Not Okay or Legal to Drive Into People, Even If They’re Blocking Roads (KMOV)
  • Police Searching for Motorist Who Struck Highway Patrol Trooper Thursday (KC Star)
  • Not Surprisingly, U.S. Receives Failing Marks When It Comes to Walkability (the Source)
  • New Wash U. Students Explore St. Louis on Bikes (the Source)
  • After a Shaming in Streetsblog’s Sorriest Bus Stop Contest, Kansas City Gives It an Upgrade
  • Centene Wants to Build Pedestrian Bridge Over Hanley Road (Post-Dispatch)
  • J Turns Coming to Polk County Intersections (Bolivar Herald-Free Press)
  • Missouri Doesn’t Make the Final Cut for Hyperloop (Columbia Missourian)

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