Today’s Headlines

By Carrie Zukoski | May 15, 2017

  • Motorist Kills Woman, Injures Another on I-70 in Blue Springs Saturday (Newsbry)
  • St. Louis Moves Up a Notch in the Bike League’s City Grades (Post-Dispatch, St. Louis)
  • Motorist Strikes, Injures Woman Downtown Friday Afternoon (Fox2Now)
  • Editorial: Missouri’s Transpo Task Force Is Ridiculous (KC Star)
  • St. Louisans Party on Kingshighway Bridge Before Cars Allowed Back On (St. Louis Public Radio)
  • MSTP Hands Over Info to State Attorney (US News)
  • St. Louis Business Journal Wants to Know: Should MetroLink Spend $1oo Million on Turnstiles?
  • Ozarks Celebrates Bike to Work Week (LakeExpo)
  • MetroLink Work Schedule for the Week (Metro)
  • New Study: Bike Lanes Physically Separated From Motorists Are Safer (Treehugger)

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