Today’s Headlines

  • Contrary to His Assurances, Greiten’s Budget Cuts Will Adversely Affect K-12 Classrooms (Fox Business)
  • MoDOT Pegs Cost of “High-Priority” Infrastructure Needs at $825 Million (Columbia Missourian)
  • Oakville Residents Fear the Unknown in a Proposed 2-Mile Paved Trail (Call Newspapers)
  • Shawn Bouley Pleads Not Guilty in Hit-And-Run Death of Bradley Bizzle Last Month in Springfield (Ozarks First)
  • Clenora and O’Neal Found Love on Metro — 54 Years Ago (NextStop)
  • MoDOT’s Citizen’s Guide Is a Good Place to Learn About Costs of Missouri Roads (Liberty Tribune)
  • Better Transpo Options Top Wish List of Improvements for Kearney Street in Springfield (Springfield News-Leader)
  • People Who Bike May Not Consider Themselves “Cyclists” (Strong Towns)

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